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Can I design my own tiles?

Yes, but only up to a point. The tiles are divided into 3 categories, and priced depending on design and colours used. All new designs – mine or yours – will fit into those categories so think contemporary, colour, curves, lines, diagonals.

How do I get an idea of shipping costs?

Tiles are not the lightest of products to ship, so it would be helpful to give you an approximate idea of costs (as at January 2018) although the exact cost will be calculated when you send an enquiry or quote request, either to me in Cyprus or to an appointed retailer in the UK:-

Take a standard package of 25cm x 25cm x 22cm with a weight up to 5kg, of which the box accounts for approx. 605g:

United Kingdom £20                       Rep. Ireland £25               Cyprus £36

France £29                                          Germany £29                     Italy £31.50

Poland £33.70                                    Portugal £30                       Greece £42

United States £35+

Jiffy bags for samples (see FAQ for Samples) may be free of charge


Can I use all the colours in all the sizes?

All the blue colours are suitable throughout the range of sizes.  However Red, Orange, Bottle Green, Acid Green  and Lilac may become patchy on the larger 10 x 20 or 20 x 20 tiles. Cream and Jaf Yellow tend to pick up spits of other colours, not particularly noticeable on 10 x 10 or individual designs but could detract on larger sizes (this is in the eye of the beholder!)

What is the best colour grout to use?

In most cases, grey is the best colour grout to avoid the characteristic ‘tramlines’ of standard white grout, and to show off the chosen design. Darker tiles will look better with darker grout.

Adjoining tiles will need to be masked off if they require a different colour grout, and then the design itself will require masking when the main tiles are grouted to avoid any crossover. Always allow grout to dry between operations.

Due to the characteristic small imperfections in hand-made tiles and the crackle glazing in the surface, grouting should be carried out with plastic tools and excess grout wiped off immediately with a sponge or small brush.

Can Persian Glazes be cut?

The crackle glaze surface of the tiles will break up at the edge if you try to  ‘score and snap’, so if you do have to cut tiles, this should be done with a wet diamond cutter or an angle grinder. Take a look at our blog post to see how we did it.

in a wet environment the slightly rough edges of the tile should be sealed as moisture can bleed into the crackle.  Cut tiles are always best placed into a corner.

If you know exactly how the tiles will fit in your project, for a small extra cost we can cut bespoke tile sizes for you before they are glazed!

Can Persian Glazes be used outside?

Definitely. They are frost and heat proof, and also waterproof but should not be submerged (as in a swimming pool)

Samples – or is the website a true guide to colour ?

Colours on the website are a very good guide, but to be on the safe side, or if specific colour is critical to your installation, it is essential to ask for colour samples. A set of 3 tiles covering the complete colour range is available for £6. Please add to your Quote Request.

Can I select different combinations of colours for Geometrixx and Linear?

Certainly.  Contact Us and tell us what you’d like!