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Geometrixx is a 2-colour simple design which can produce some captivating geometric patterns! The permutations of shapes and colours are limitless, so we’ve put together a few design ideas to start with. Tiles from all 4 Collections can be mixed together with great effect!

There is also the option of designing your own layout from scratch with the Tile Pattern Designer. You can play around with ideas within a metre by metre space, and then apply to your project space. This could be very useful for making big decisions step-by-step. For colour samples, see FAQ

Every tile is hand glazed;  lead time is approximately 3 weeks, plus shipping time.  Contact us for details of your nearest UK appointed Persian Glazes tile studio

Geo Red Jaf Yellow

Red/Jaf Yellow


Geo Jade Pale Blue

Jade/Pale Blue


Design ideas…

Geo Jade Jaf Yellow

Jade/Jaf Yellow


Geo Moss Lilac



Design ideas…

Geo Ultra Acid

Ultramarine/Acid Green


Design ideas…

Geo Bottle Green Jaf Yellow

Bottle Green/Jaf Yellow