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Inspired by fabrics, fashions and even food, Linear tiles have limitless potential for combining both with each other and with tiles from the Plain Colour Collection. Those shown below are examples of styles, and you can choose your own colour combinations. Tiles from all 4 Collections can also be mixed together wth great effect. Take a look at Design Ideas, or the Tile Pattern Designer to see what you can dream up!  For colour samples, see FAQ

Every tile is hand glazed;  lead time is approximately 3 weeks, plus shipping time. Contact us for details of your nearest UK appointed Persian Glazes tile studio

Linear Turquoise Jade Cream

Linear 1

Broad equal stripes, shown here in Turquoise, Jade and Cream

Design ideas…

Linear Pale Blue Jaf Yellow Ultramarine Cream

Linear 2

Broad stripes and a fine stripe, shown here in Pale Blue, Jaf Yellow and Cream with fine stripe Aquamarine

Design ideas…

Linear Bottle Green Chocolate Acid Green Jaf Yellow

Linear 4

Multiple stripe with colour emphasis to one side, here in Bottle Green, Chocolate, Acid Green and broad stripe Cream

Design ideas…

Linear Acid Green Ultramarine

Linear 5

Contemporary 2 colour fine stripe, here in Aquamarine and Acid Green.  Choose your own colour combination!

Design ideas…

Linear 1 Pale Blue Moss Cream

Linear 1

Broad equal stripes, shown here in Pale Blue, Moss and Cream as a very subtle colour combination

Design ideas…

Linear 3 Turquoise Orange Jade and Cream

Linear 3

Jade, Turquoise and Cream with a thin stripe of Orange – amazing colour combination!

Design ideas…

Linear 6 scan

Linear 6

Broad diagonal stripe shown here in Orange, Cream and Jade

Design ideas